Atta boy Eli!! Kudos to Titleist & FootJoy Sweet Spot listeners can get 30% off their first year's annual subscription to SwingU Plus or SwingU Pro. the past rounds they've played together, and why Craigers deserves He wasnt playing well and he admittedly like to play fast. What a way to finish!!! binged all seasons in four months and am fully caught up now. Its a very easy conversation and doesnt feel forced. . Eli makes divots, Mike takes the Forward Tee Challenge, and a listener solves the cold case mystery of Ramsey & Craigers. With HelloFresh, you get farm-fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and seasonal recipes delivered right to your doorstep. The podcast features references to pop-culture from the 80s, 90s, and the 00s. . 3. Zero chance. relatable golf, classic 90s references, silliness, real friendship on display. Cookie Notice And of course, kudos to you craigers. The Golf Podcast features all the latest golf news, instruction, and equipment from the point of view of real average golfers just like yourself. Its a pleasure to listen to a podcast with consistent high quality. Hands down. Listening every time i get in the car. I highly recommend this for any golfer. This is the only podcast I make time for: Two guys. I was one tee up. Through these podcasts, Mike and Eli have made golf so much fun for me and Im completely addicted to the game now. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram, In this two-part series, Adam and Jon discuss the pros and cons of the popular phrase "swing your swing." You'll hear from athletes, coaches, and the trailblazers that paved the way, along with detailed analysis and insider information from two of the most plugged in individuals in women's sports. I just started the first YouTube video, already weirded out seeing them instead of just hearing them. And they show the importance of the mental game as well. Should have written a review months ago. This page was last edited on 15 June 2021, at 16:13. Similar to Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast. Bryan is joined by Mike Honcho, co-star of the Chasing Scratch Podcast to talk about his search for scratch, his history with Eli, the past rounds they've played together, and why Craigers deserves all the kudos. BCMielke . To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. I was turning into a stage four clinger! Its just cool to know others are striving and struggling the same as me. What I find most interesting about the podcast is their approach, their struggles, and the people that they meet (and occasionally listen to) along the way. Are you subscribed? Juguemos NextBot : Chasing Memes y disfrutemos el tiempo de diversin. Are you subscribed? I recently found this podcast and its amazing. #LGLG #KuddosToYouCraigers Reply MuscleFlex_Bear 7.2/ Dallas, TX /B XS Additional comment actions . This makes me laugh so much. I highly recommend this to anyone who plays golf, it is so relatable and the guys just bring it all to life is such a great way! The transition happens quickly, revealing a super power possessed by the hosts, which allows them to dream about achieving their goals despite the obvious obstacles. I think Season 4 will be interesting, as Mike is working with Adam Young directly. "The Big Showdown" purchased via I know Id be all, Youve got to be kidding me. I played river bend the day before with my GPS watch. Im surprised it took this long. "Summer City" is by Senbei purchased via Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users Hooked by episode 2. He calls the experiment and excellent and terrible idea. What is Geometry Dash Scratch Geometry Dash is an extremely popular platformer game that challenges players to navigate . Ive avoided all their social media so Ive never seen their faces or more importantly their swings. Craigers episode # Close. Kudos To Craigers Hat $33.00 sold out. Eli makes divots, Mike takes the Forward Tee Challenge, and a listener solves the cold case mystery of Ramsey & Craigers. Bryan is joined by Mike Honcho, co-star of the Chasing Scratch Podcast to talk about his search for scratch, his history with Eli, the past rounds they've played together, and why Craigers deserves all the kudos. LGLG. There were many places when I some 40 yards shorter wouldnt hit the driver and he just swung away. Just restarted with season 1. There are far more successful podcasts with far worse audio quality. That is a violation, he just hit that ball with his head, is that legal? Absolutely hilarious podcast. Log in or sign up to leave a comment. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. In Season 4, they should both play in at least one local tournament. Excited to see some swings though, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Use code SWEETSPOT at You guys killed the first 2 episodes! Im surprised they havent tried to monetize this already. Ive been a loyal listener from the beginning and no season disappoints. So many inside jokes, so much laughter. They already have a note on the Patreon page saying they are taking a break and will not charge for Jan. LOL. The house move was shortly Im only through season one episode nine, but if youre a golfer, this is a must listen. The series documents the offseason pursuits of the co-hosts and their attempts to improve over the winter golf season. Chasing Scratch Reviews Best golf podcast out there "I have burned through 5 seasons in 2 months. The swing just doesnt seem to generate the speed to hit ball 300 but clearly it does. This is fun for golfers and anyone around the age of 30-50. If you want to be amused, get in the habit of doing that, and then after getting that tempo thoroughly engrained in your mind, listen to Mike and Eli at normal speed. His swing creates speed, he hits the ball far. Use promo code CHASINGSCRATCH at for 10% off the Stack System. They have great chemistry. My goal is to have a weekly discussion thread on the podcast Hay maker jokes aside, I'd love this to resemble a compliment sandwich (Something I learned from Chasing Scratch) We will see how it goes, but my hope is that any negative feedback is followed with at least some optimism. Greatest Golf Personalities of the 21st Century. Craigers November 25, 2021, 3:16am #121. image 8281587 643 KB. I dont fault him for either of these things Im off my diet and need to motivate and restart it! Agree with your comments on Eli downswing. You feed our passion for golf!! Nice work gentlemen; LGLG!!! In the first round after deciding to chase scratch, Mike shot 3 over par? I dont know their games, but it seems like strategy is the next major hurdle they have to face. sale. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. He is also fearless with his driver. Mike and Eli, let me just You know when some new company is created, or an existing company launches a new product, or someone creates a podcast, and you think to yourself: Man, I had that idea, that could have been me! Well Chasing Scratch is the opposite of that. Yes, There was one hole I thought he had picked up, only to find out that he had finished it. from The Hosel Jockeys Golf Podcast I think it makes sense overall, its not a ton of money and they are likely having these conversations anyways also allows them to winnow down people for events without making it really pay to play. And, it would be content gold. Lets go lets go. This article "Chasing Scratch" is from Wikipedia. Within 5 minutes Mike needed to be brought back from negative town to positivity land. Ive listened to all seasons multiple times and enjoy all aspects and various media of Chasing Scratch. Mike and Eli reveal their initial handicaps, provide a brief background on their friendship and golf games, and lay the groundwork for the journey to come. Its fun to listen to them go off the rails and just make each other laugh. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and serve tailored ads. My biggest takeaway is they are still actively mediocre at working around a golf course and avoiding mistakes. Now they go play 36 holes of the gauntlet, and Mike fires an 88-88 and Eli hits an 80-84? If so, bring them along for a chat with the chasing scratch boys. "Summer City" is by Senbei purchased via Keep up the great work. Id love to hear what other people think! Boys it keeps getting better. Eli makes divots, Mike takes the Forward Tee Challenge, and a listener solves the cold case mystery of Ramsey & Craigers. The Paterfamilias makes his initial appearance and reveals that mid 30s is when men achieve peak sexuality, but not necessarily peak golf performance. General Discussion. Log In Sign Up. Bryan is joined by Mike Honcho, co-star of the Chasing Scratch Distances have just gotten silly in the last decade or so. Kudos to Athletic Greens - Great podcast, looking forward to the next season. But listened to season 1 over a weekend. It's time to revive this space and see if we can create some dialogue. He once questioned a young woman about an assault with a sandal in a college lecture hall, which began a friendship with his co-host, Eli. Scan this QR code to download the app now. No, Im not the real Craigers. They both have Hilary Knight on speed dial. Bryan Allain obsesses over this beautiful, frustrating game with podcast co-founder Tyler Stanton and other golf personalities. Adam Young is also a tremendous resource. Go him. Im definitely throwing them $5/mo for the extras. Been a fan since day one. They look nothing like my mental image. Chasing Scratch is a podcast featuring the golf exploits of two men in their 30s with jobs and families on a quest to achieve the ultimate goal: a 0.0 golf handicap, often referred to as scratch. This honestly caused me more strife than Im comfortable admitting. Anyone else listen to it? 2 Likes. Holiday episode is up, if you have the time I havent listened to it all yet. I can pick up on most of there pop culture references, but this one has escaped me. One of the podcasts that I get most excited when I see a new episode downloading. Absolutely loved listening to this. So awesome to hear your voices again and inspire me, as well, to keep chasing scratch! (Its Will, hi!). Staying focused on long term goals, finding small gains day after day and building on them is hard, and I think thats what makes Chasing Scratch so interesting. Support the podcastand get bonus content and other perks via Patreon: Track your ranks and reviews from Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. I questioned his distance previously and dont think he averages 300 off the tee, but hes definitely hitting the ball well past 300 on occasion. "The most understanding and supportive two women in the history of spouses. I was one tee up. Im stuck in January in Alaska as an avid golfer and former caddie. A place to check my methods and see what other people are doing. The Wives. I tried this once as well. Ha, I dont think they need the money they seemed fairly reluctant to push the patreon. Shawn lie etc. A loss of bodily control following a poor swing, including the golf club, reminiscent of the home run trot of former Chicago Cubs great, Sammy Sosa. podcastand get bonus content and other perks via Patreon: Want more of the Hosel Jockeys Pod? Filleted at the end of season 1! And lowest lows: Mike not being able to putt at the last major. I love Mike and Eli, their antics really make the whole show. As Ive mentioned here a few times, Im reading Pelzs Short Game Bible published, I want to say, in the early 00s, and the typical distances there, arent the distances I read about (and occasionally hit myself) here. I can tell you it takes many years for most to make the changes necessary to become a true, scratch golfer. Its gonna be freakin great year! I played river bend the day before with my GPS watch. Subscribe for our weekly episode, the Golf Weekly archive, plus bonus episodes around the majors! All my self-care, abuse recovery, self-help, psychological development podcasts are on hold. This used to be my favorite podcast but over the past few seasons they have cut the golf content in half. You can stay up to date on news, exclusives, and upcoming episodes by subscribing to The Single Bogey Newsletter. WARNING: You will get a lot of "Go Bears" wearing this hat. I have similar struggles as they do, but together we grind forward. Also referred to as the silver fox, Eli peppers the driver. To get 50% off and free shipping on your first box use code sweetspot50 or visit this link: You can stay up to date on news, exclusives, and upcoming episodes by subscribing to The Single Bogey Newsletter. There is a golf training facility in. "Forever Yours" is by Wayne Jones LGLG. Thanks for keeping it real as you go on this journey. Be prepared for many many pop culture references from the 80s and 90s, which is outstanding for a guy like me who is almost the same age as both guys. Perfectly legal coach. Interesting that they are starting a patreon Cheap at $5 a month, but I think I have enough Mike and Eli in my life as is. "Engimatic" is from She's Got Game with Michaela Schreiter and Vanessa Sanchez highlights women's sports and the incredible athletes who play them. RT @OG_Craigers: First round of the year @ Cinnabar Hills with Ramsey and Bryan the man who got a hold of @chasingscratch0! Part of the Velcren community as well. He is perhaps best known for an incident referred to as the 'Twist Pic,' which revealed his affinity for shelf-stable snack cakes, and fast food breakfast.